Our Athlete


The Junior Canes Athlete

Hockey players develop at different rates with quick spikes and long plateaus as they progress towards becoming the best player they can be.

While most athletes in any tryout-based sports organization over-emphasize “moving up” or “moving down” in terms of level of play, the Junior Canes cater to athletes who are more concerned with moving forward.

A Junior Canes athlete:

  • Understands that what they get out of their youth hockey experience depends on what they put into it
  • Believes that the process is more valuable than the outcome
  • Embraces failure as a learning opportunity
  • Will never run from a challenge
  • Loves the work as much as they love the fun
  • Values honesty, sportsmanship and integrity

As a youth hockey family of over 600 boys and girls spanning two tiers of hockey and 12 different birth years, our athletes have a wide range of skill and experience. But each athlete shares these core characteristics that define the DNA of a Carolina Junior Hurricane.