The Carolina Junior Hurricanes are committed to three financial priorities in our short-term outlook:

  • Make high-level travel hockey accessible to those who need assistance
  • Stabilize our dues by insulating our membership from sharply increasing operational expenses
  • Continuously add value to our programming without increasing the cost of Junior Canes membership

As the only not-for-profit travel hockey association in the area, we rely heavily on grants, donations and sponsorships to act on these priorities by providing need-based financial aid and by funding value-based projects with non-dues revenue.

We are constantly on the look-out for partners within our community who want to support our area's young athletes while tapping into the potential of our Junior Canes membership of over 600 families and nearly 700 athletes.

We offer our partners the opportunity to leverage the most recognizable brand in youth sports, a fiercely loyal membership eager to serve as ambassadors for our partners, and a highly engaged social media following.

In addition to word-of-mouth opportunities and social media amplification, we put our partners in front of potential customers with signage at events and face-to-face opportunities like our Youth Hockey Expo during our annual Junior Canes Day celebration.

Contact us today to become an official partner of the largest travel hockey family in the Southeast.