Junior Canes headline CAHA Development Camp selections

Over 20 prospects will represent the Carolina Junior Hurricanes program when CAHA’s top players head to Charlotte for Southeastern District tryouts for the 2022 USA Hockey Development Camp, and 11 more will head to Bowling Green in July for the Southeastern District Development Camp.

This past weekend, CAHA held tryouts to select representatives to return to Charlotte in early May for invite-only tryouts to make the list of Southeastern District players to head to 15U, 16U and 17U National camp. In addition to the tryout for National Camp, CAHA also held tryouts for a group of 2008 players to advance to a 14U Development Camp to introduce 2nd year bantams to the USA Hockey Player Identification and Development process.

33 of the 52 players selected from the tryouts are products of the Carolina Junior Hurricanes. The next most represented youth association placed 6 players on the selection list.

2005 Selections

Ryan Kalina 2005 G

Aiden Wright 2005 G

Holden Kaufman 2005 F

Daniel Prazma 2005 F

Nicholas Shook 2005 F

Logan Neal 2005 D

2006 Selections

Cade Rose 2006 G

Mason Jeeves 2006 F

Cameron Stehle 2006 F

Karl Strandberg 2006 F

Gage Kloeber 2006 D

Kevin Ma 2006 D

2007 Selections

Owen Roberts 2007 G

Dylan Chernoff 2007 F

Oliver Cowan 2007 F

Ryan Hedley 2007 F

Cavin McDonald 2007 F

Hudson Nguyen 2007 F

Pavel Jirku 2007 D

Kevin Liao 2007 D

Brady Streeter 2007 D

Ethan Webster 2007 D

2008 Selections

Spence Tanner 2008 G

Braxton Grossweiler 2008 F

Nico Kraus 2008 F

Joseph Maione 2008 F

Matt Prazma 2008 F

Nolan Roberts 2008 F

Jaxon Williams 2008 F

Will DeMan 2008 D

Moosa Dessouky 2008 D

Max Howlett 2008 D

Kameron Kyles 2008 D


Good luck to all players heading to the next round of tryouts and to District Camp!  The Carolina Junior Hurricanes have announced our 2022-23 program and published tryout dates and registration links. Visit our tryout page to register today!