Scheduling the junior canes

The Carolina Junior Hurricanes utilize a centralized scheduler for all home and away league games, but each individual team manages their remaining non-league schedule. Please complete the form below, and we will have the appropriate coach or team manager reach out to you to schedule games.

Understanding Team Designations

The Carolina Junior Hurricanes field single birth year teams across all age groups in both Tier 1 and Tier 2, with a few exceptions. Our Tier 1 and Tier 2 girls teams are mixed birth year teams.


Our Tier 1 teams are listed according to the following examples:

Junior Canes 11UAAA (our 2012 co-ed AAA team)

Junior Canes 14UAAA Girls (our 2000/2010 AAA girls team)


Junior Canes 13U Minor Black (our top Tier 2 2010 co-ed team)

Junior Canes 16U Major Red (our 2nd Tier 2 2007 co-ed team)

Junior Canes 16U Mixed White (our 3rd Tier 2 2007/2008 co-ed team)

Junior Canes 10U Girls Black (our top Tier 2 2013/2014 girls team)


In general, our younger Black teams will play a AA schedule while our older Black teams play a mixed schedule of AA and AAA teams. Our younger Red teams will typically play a mixture of AA and Upper A competition, while our older Red teams mostly play at the AA level. Our younger White teams will generally play a mixture of Lower A and Upper A teams while our older White teams are a good match for Upper A teams.

For our girls teams, our Black teams compete at a AA level while our Red teams compete at an A level.

Tier 1 AAA Tier 1 AAA
Tier 2 Black Tier 2 AA or AA / AAA
Tier 2 Red Tier 2 A or AA
Tier 2 White Tier 2 A